Smart Business Solutions

Control, Monitor and Access your business anywhere in the world with Apple HomeKit and Square Point of Sale. 

Notaa Retail solutions are a new initiative solution to bring the average business to the 21st.

Notaa specialises in 3 key areas of business development: 

Point of Sale and Payments

Don't pay monthly for a Point of Sale System that will set you back. The point of sale is the heart of every business, it's where you engage with your customers and learn more about them every time they pop in store. It's also where you take their order. Notaa wants to make the whole payment experience easier with our partnership with Square Point of Sale. Square is an iPad based POS system with an easy to use interface with advanced analytical features, multiple location management, employee management and more all for free. No hidden fees, free.
Square also has an integrated payment terminal with no lock-in contracts or setup fees. It's only $60 for the reader and only pay 1.9% on MasterCard, Visa and American Express (Yes no extra fees for Amex). Square Reader also loves mobile payments so no need to worry how someone is going to pay, it's just going to work! 
Notaa will come to your business premises and custom tailor a Square Solution that's best for your business. If you're a new business we will work on importing your menu, setting up analytical features and training staff. Switching over to Square we will import your current system over and make your life easier. 
Switching over from Kounta POS? We'll give you a discount because we feel sorry for you. 

Offer a loyalty program that will increase business

Don't use paper, use your phone. Apple Wallet and Android Pay are on most phones in Australia and businesses aren't using them to their full potential. With digital stamp cards, you can unleash whole new marketing strategies straight to your customer's phones without them having to download a single app. Send push notifications when they walk past your store or when you have a sale to keep them in the loop.
Plus now customers can't lose their loyalty cards or fumble around in the wallet as they appear on your customer's phones right at the counter ready for you. All free

Smart Business Products

Using our enterprise range of HomeKit enabled products you can keep tabs on your store from anywhere in the world. Simply open the Home app on your phone and control the lock on your door, turn on the lights in the Kitchen and see a live view from your phone. 
Lock and Unlock through Friday, Illuminate through Philips Hue, Create an atmosphere with Sonos and Monitor with Elgato Eve and D-Link Omna. 


We understand your busy so we aim to make your life easier with our marketing solutions for in store and online. Let Notaa take over the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just tell us what you would like posted and when and we will do the rest. 
Got an in store marketing campaign too? We can design for all of your businesses needs whenever you want. 
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