LIFX 100mm Downlight
LIFX 100mm Downlight
LIFX 100mm Downlight

LIFX 100mm Downlight

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Buy a Three Pack and get one Free LIFX Mini White bulb! *Offer ends May 13*

Introducing the all new LIFX 100mm Downlight. A complete lighting fixture delivering you vivid colours and tunable warm to cool whites everywhere in your home. The LIFX 100mm Downlight produces a staggering 800 lumens from just 13 watts.

  • Create on/off schedules to automate your lighting to suit your lifestyle
  • Save energy with 800 lumens of light from just 13 watts
  • Set the mood. Movie nights, dinner parties are better with colour
  • Connect your lights with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa for voice control


With all the intelligence built into the light, it is easy to kick start your connected home. No technical skills or additional hardware needed.


No need for a hub or messy hardware. Just plug in, download and play! You can expand with LIFX at any time and unlock more features.