Philips Hue Tap
Philips Hue Tap
Philips Hue Tap

Philips Hue Tap

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Recall your favorite Philips Hue scenes

You can preset your 4 favorite Philips Hue light settings in Philips Hue tap switch. Select a scene you have created yourself, one of the scenes that Philips has created for you, or program a button to switch all lights off. It's all up to you.

Place it anywhere

Philips Hue tap switch can be used as a normal wall switch. You can place it anywhere you want, using screws or the adhesive tape on the back plate of the switch.

Use as a remote control

You can also use Philips Hue tap switch as a remote control for your comfort.

Powered by your touch - no batteries

Philips Hue tap uses kinetic energy and is powered by your touch. So no batteries needed.

You can connect 7 Hue dimmer switches (HDS) OR 25 Hue taps (HT) OR a combination.

Combination list:
1 HDS - 21 HT.
2 HDS - 18 HT.
3 HDS - 15 HT.
4 HDS - 12 HT.
5 HDS - 8 HT.
6 HDS - 5 HT.
7 HDS - 2 HT.

There is a kinetic, energy-harvesting system within Philips Hue tap switch. The sensor detects pressure on its buttons and harvests the energy needed in order to connect to the bulbs, using ZigBee technology. Philips Hue tap switch needs no batteries or a mains power source; it is operated purely on kinetic energy. This means Philips Hue tap switch has a remarkable zero watts of power consumption, making it smarter, greener, with no battery waste and is hassle-free.

The mounting plate of Philips Hue tap switch can be fixed to any wall using the adhesive power strips (included), which are removable from the wall and leave no trace. Alternatively, the back plate can be mounted on a wall using screws.

Yes, you can operate up to 25 Philips Hue tap switches with each bridge when no other wireless switches are connected. This has no impact on the number of bulbs which can be used, which means you can still have up to 50 lamps on top of these switches. The beauty of the Philips Hue family is that all members of the Philips Hue family are designed to work together. Once you have the Philips Hue bridge, your connected lighting experience is completely scalable - you’ll be able to add any Philips Hue-enabled product to your home setup.